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I Am John from Uganda. I was born in a Moslem family and raised by Christian parents. My father was a farmer and my mom originally a peasant (gospelist ).

My parents were a nice and happy family. They produced 3 children i.e John, Rhonda Linda and Margaret. My parents passed on on a car accident robbery and mom died of malaria during ministry in congo. Life was so hard for us children. We were chased away from home by our Moslem ancestors

Like many, I realized a calling in 2011 and have been following my inner ear ever since.

I intend my work here at Wisdom Warriors University to fulfill my life and allow me to provide for my family and community during these tough times.

Over the Ages we have Nano sized from Titans to Giants to Nanu Nanu size!

Think Feel Do

We have all come to learn here that our relationships with ourselves, the others and Creation are based on what we as individuals, Think Feel Do.

Thoughts include what we think, say, write, read or listen to or watch.

Thoughts lead to Emotions.

Emotions lead to Actions.

Turns out, our entire realities and outcomes are determined by our thoughts,

100% completely controllable.

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John Erubu

John leads WWU from Africa and he, inside one person embodies all that is wrong and right with the world.

John lives in Otuboi Uganda. He is 25 years old and takes care of 17 family members. They lead a hard life just surviving everyday.

Read John Erubu’s story here.

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