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A Band of Brothers and Sisters Finding Ourselves and Leading Others to Their Well

We are not for profit

All money received pays our expenses and the rest is put into an escrow account to be given to those in need and worthy projects. All spending disclosed here on this website.

I Am John from Uganda. I was born in a Moslem family and raised by Christian parents. My father was a farmer and my mom originally a peasant (gospelist ).

My parents were a nice and happy family. They produced 3 children i.e John, Rhonda Linda and Margaret. My parents passed on on a car accident robbery and mom died of malaria during ministry in congo. Life was so hard for us children. We were chased away from home by our Moslem ancestors

Like many, I realized a calling in 2011 and have been following my inner ear ever since.

I intend my work here at Wisdom Warriors University to fulfill my life and allow me to provide for my family and community during these tough times.

Jerehmiah John Slayton “J Ro” was a professional motocross motorcycle rider from 1991 to 2001 and a recognized champion. Never stopped riding but injuries and age came on. His calling also came around 2011.

He and Shari are now Wisdom Warriors

Over the Ages we have Nano sized from Titans to Giants to Nanu Nanu size!

Kevin and Nina became an item in 1985 and once they saw each other, they never let go. If one tried, the other waited.

After 36 years of learning about ourselves and living together, they were stranded deep in the mud on a bitter cold Sunday night in the middle of a desert, 7000 feet above sea level and only wild animals to talk to…

“We discovered how much in love we actually were and why. We learned a lifetime about ourselves that night. It was a mile by Crow from this picture.

Our commitment to ourselves, each other and Creation were recognized. Wisdom Warriors University was born.

We are learning at the same time as leading leaders to lead.”

Think Feel Do

We have all come to learn here that our relationships with ourselves, the others and Creation are based on what we as individuals, Think Feel Do.

Thoughts include what we think, say, write, read or listen to or watch.

Thoughts lead to Emotions.

Emotions lead to Actions.

Turns out, our entire realities and outcomes are determined by our thoughts,

100% completely controllable.

The Ride Thera website network consists of our first site,

Your exchange above benefits us both and will speed up your evolution.

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John Sivieri “Boston John” has had a few careers, most notably in Telecom reaching to Market Manager of New England for Motorola.after 16 years dedicated to the field, John finally ripped away from corporate America.

The calling of something big also came to John about 10 years ago. Since then, he has partnered with Rachael, learned the art of giving and the thrill of the path to knowing thyself.



Captain of French Apocalypse ala Plasma



John Erubu

John leads WWU from Africa and he, inside one person embodies all that is wrong and right with the world.

John lives in Otuboi Uganda. He is 25 years old and takes care of 17 family members. They lead a hard life just surviving everyday.

Read John Erubu’s story here.

Donate to John’s house building, they are currently homeless https://www.gofundme.com/f/build-a-small-home-in-uganda-that-was-destroyed

John Sivieri

Boston, Massachusetts

Spending thousands upon thousands of hours delving into things that were not helping humanity and not helping me. One day I had a vision of myself and my place in this realm, since that vision I began
to change my thought patterns; with this change. I began opening up to an entire world I had never thought existed.

Through many trials and tribulations I began to find a way to live in the
present. I got quiet, I changed the way I pray, I changed the way I eat, I changed the way I speak. These changes were
immediately noticed by everyone around me. A whole new set of responsibilities arose from this change. No longer was I responsible for just myself, I am responsible for everything. Once you find out just how special and powerful you are, you begin a life a new.
My journey brought me to Wisdom Warriors University and although the path here wasn’t an easy one I finally found my home!

Jeremiah John Slayton and Shari

Jeremiah was a Bullfrog! And then like many of us, we sunk into the life of a Dolt hood. Not anymore, the frog is back, with a vengeance!

Kevin Gilbert & Nina Wolfgang

We are the founders and co-leaders of these sites.

We have taken our combined Life study as independents, as members of Humanity and as a couple and are openly sharing what we have discovered in the interest of all of our betterment and happiness.

Bruno Williams

Bruno is our friend and contributes from Japan. He is born and speaks French and Japanese. A world traveler, entrepreneur and professor of the Earth models.

We all have known each other for a couple years in our mutual studies of the formats of Earth, Human and Creation.

We all learned around the same time the hidden knowledge from Humanity and mostly hidden knowledge about ourselves.

Curious what we’ve been working on?

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  1. Ride Thera Publishing – A committed for 35 years couple finding the right questions to seek answers for. We make videos, podcasts and blog articles to determine the 100% Correct models of Earth, Humans, Creator and Self.
    Merging all we have known with all we know. Post author

    Welcome to Wisdom Warriors University. This is the contributors page. Please share your experiences on this site and in the world.

  2. iamjohnjohn

    Kevin and Nina are warriors for humanity. I could stop there. They have helped me tremendously in my journey through this experience in an incredibly short amount of time. There are words but none to fit the bill. Thank you.


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