Interactive Vidi-oBook: 100% Correct Model of Earth Humans Creator – Part 1

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by Kevin Gilbert, Nina Wolfgang and team.

Our home in the desert in Northwest America near Canada. Home to rugged ranchers, cowboys and the originals of this great but devastated lands.

Our History

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The picture above is from an early settler’s barn built in the late 19th century in the middle of a land of desert sands and rocky mountains to start off the cattle industry in industrialized America. There is no civilization for hours in any direction, same as it was in 1890. How did this all come to be, America, the countries, civilization, Earth, Humanity, all the devastation?

After many trips around books, history, timelines, conspiracies, end of world theories, the USA and the world, we ended up living here in the middle of a desert, away from any metropolises. Here we were revealed to the answers to all our aching heart and nagging brain questions.

We needed time and quiet to assemble all we had learned and accumulated for 35 years as a couple. While together, we continuously researched, took notes, asked questions and tested our conclusions. We have partnered with several like minded researchers and are happy to present our findings to all.

This vidi-oBook series will answer those questions and more. Starting with Earth, we will look at the home of Humans and all Life we know from the beginning to the middle and to it’s many ends and restarts.

The Earth, as home to Humans, we will look at the progression and evolution of Humans. Why we find ourselves in consequences and what does it all mean.

All things that move must have a power source. We look at the original and eternal Source of power seen everywhere and how it blends with man-made things and ideas.

This series will present Earth, Humans and the Creator as revealed and uncovered by average ‘leymen’ with above average intent:

The Alpha, the Omega and a full explanation to the maps of the Brain and the Map of the Heart and where they both complete.

Follow the links to download the movie episode. We will send you links to our private website with hundreds of pages of our writings, info and links to our resources. We also have discussion groups to join and a website to share private videos with regular people who make video blogs – for a fee and for free.

This way we can share valuable intel, research and findings and support each other in our creative works. Eventually, becoming a place where the money and time we spend can be focused on each other, real people, instead of corporations and media.

All the real people pictured on this page followed the character in the picture of the magician. He ran a free website with his girlfriend from 2018 to 2019 and then starting charging membership fees for informational updates to the timing of the next worldwide cataclysmic event to ‘reset’ Earth.

It is a long and convoluted story and many twists and turns that continue to this day. This fact about us is presented to add more color to our story. Fun details about belonging to a club facing it’s own demise are shared.

There is much to be revealed and learned from our experiences, research and conclusions together in our webpages and vidi-oBooks. We wish you fun in your adventure here and look forward to knowing your name and hearing your voice!

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