Uganda John vs USA Kev

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John is 25 and living outside Otuboi in Uganda with plans to migrate to Mabira Forest when it becomes needed.

Kevin, 61 lives with Nina, 59 in Oregon and they are already in the middle of a mountainous and deserted desert.

The relationship between John, Kevin and Nina carries many dynamics and contrasts but the similarities are equally striking.

Enjoy eavesdropping on us as we tackle serious survival issues in our separate environments,

Upcoming episodes will expand on survival and many other issues of the day and the soul.

A black boy from Uganda making it in the city and practicing for life in the jungle with his 15 family members and a NW USA Caucasian desert resident native doing the same.


Meet John and Kevin, brothers from different Mothers. We are good friends and fellow members in study groups about Humanity’s questions about itself and the new era we are entering.

John, 25 years old, lives in Uganda in a village next to the Mabira forest. Kevin, 61 years old, lives in USA, Oregon. John takes care of 16 family members without proper shelter. (They have plans and a house partially built now, he uses his proceeds from this eBook to better his conditions in Uganda). John is basically, homeless.

Kevin writes with his partner Nina. They are self made entrepreneurs in NW USA desert country. Having left the city for less populated dwellings and next to the largest public lands patch in America, Kevin and Nina have their desert/forests/badlands and mountains.

John in Uganda has the mighty Mabira Forest. We share our challenges facing the city and the wilderness. Kev has the worldly, learned city experience. John has the tragedy of poverty, overcoming adversities and living alone in the wild experience.

We both currently depend on Metropolitan services but are actively preparing our knowledge and skills to be available to instantly transfer ourselves to the wild if and when we want to. Watch as we evolve from basically, crude enthusiasts to journeyman survivalists from the USA native and the natural born Ugandan perspectives.

Watch as we take on every conceivable scenario we can think of and some deep Brotherly talks too! The eBooks are in series and include the TV series and links to our writing and live discussion channels.

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